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Since 1956, Kaup Seed & Fertilizer and Kaup Forage & Turf have been servicing Midwest Agriculture with a full range of proprietary and common seed.

Kaup Seed & Fertilizer:
   1101 S. Beemer Street
   West Point, NE 68788
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Kaup Forage & Turf:
   2019 Riverside Blvd.
   PO Box 2218
   Norfolk, NE 68701
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Since 1956 Kaup Seed Company has been servicing Midwest Agriculture with a full range of proprietary and common seed including: small grain, alfalfa, clover, turf and forage. From inception, we have researched, tested and consistently added top-performing proprietaries to our line-up, while remaining strongly positioned to service the very finest seed products on the market.

We recognize that you need to be able to compete in your market, that is why we offer seed to meet your every need with highest priority on impeccable service.

At Kaup Seed Company, service is redefined to match your expectations. In fact, we tailor our service, products and support just for you!

Personalized service from a professional staff of dedicated people providing you with research information, agronomic assistance, training seminars.

Market Development assistance so you can capture more of your market through leadership from our Sales Representatives' creative marketing ideas. Varietal plot management, training meetings and advertising.

Customized literature and promotional support to help you get the sale! We create informational brochures for alfalfas, turf and forage grasses.

Great performing proprietary seeds for turf. Premium golf course quality for any lawn. Also custom mixes and certified blends are no hassle.

Superior pricing schedules and timely shipping arrangements are the standards by which our customers know us!

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